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Hydrosense Ultra Legionella Water Test

SKU: 100198

Our Hydrosense Ultra Legionella Water Test is very flexible and highly sensitive. It detects Legionella at concentrations as low as 100 CFU/L.

The Kit is very easy to use and allows water testing from any source.

Because of its high sensitivity, it is recommended for higher risk industries and applications.

  • Detects Legionella pneumophila SG 1
  • Sample volume: 250ml Sensitivity: 100CFU/L
  • Sensitivity: 100CFU/L
  • One test per pack Provides straightforward results, on-site, within 25–35 minutes
  • The test helps to minimise delays and downtime
  • Regular use increases confidence in Legionella controls
  • The smartphone App reader provides an independent record of results