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Hydrosense Legionella Industrial Test Kit (5 Tests)

SKU: 100182

The Hydrosense Ultra Legionella Industrial Kit includes a sample collection point that easily installs into a standard plumbing fitting (US ½inch NPT and ¾ inch BPT fittings). The sample point can be left in-situ for convenient repeated tests. The Hydrosense Ultra Legionella Industrial Kit is highly sensitive thanks to the filtration step with a sensitivity of 100 CFU/L.

The sample point supplied allows water samples to be easily obtained from plumbing connections provided in installations including industrial cooling towers, large water systems in hotels, residential and commercial properties. The pipe fitting also connects directly to a standard shower hose for convenient shower sampling.

  • Detects Legionella pneumophila SG1
  • Sample volume: 250ml
  • Sensitivity: 100CFU/L
  • Five tests per pack
  • Hassle free sample collection. Simply connect sample point to the water system and use system pressure to drive the filtration process.
  • Provides straightforward results, on-site, within 35 minutes
  • The test is simple to use and no further interpretation is required
  • The test helps to minimise delays and downtime
  • Regular use increases confidence in Legionella controls
  • The Smartphone App reader provides an independent record of results