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WaterCheck Now™ Basic Kit

SKU: 3008

LaMotte Company has developed an affordable, safe and reliable drinking water test kit to help users identify safe drinking water around the world. LaMotte has been a leader in water analysis since 1919 and has a strong brand identity as a high-quality global manufacturing company. The Water Check Now™ Basic, low-cost kit screens for 10 factors as well as total coliforms.

Kit includes:2 tests each for 6-Way Drinking Water Test Strips, Iron and Copper Test Strips as well as 1 test for Coliforms (Single Tablet in Tube), Water Sampling Bag and Dechlorination Tablet, a Color Chart, Analysis Results Chart, Diagrammed Instructions.

Test factors: Total Alkalinity, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chloramines (by calculation), Total Hardness, pH, Nitrate, Iron, Copper, Total Coliform.