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ColorQ® 2X Pool 4 Kit (DG)

SKU: 2085

The waterproof, Bluetooth® ColorQ® 2x Pool 4 measures four basic pool and spa tests Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine and pH.

As a bonus, the ColorQ® 2x Pool 4 can also measure Total Alkalinity (order code 3896A-J), Calcium Hardness (Order Code 3887A-J), Cyanuric Acid (Order Code 6996A-J), Iron (Order Code 3725A-J), Copper (Order Code 3808A-J), Biguanide (Order Code 3919-G), and Biguanide Shock (Order Code 6930A-J) with optional reagents sold separately. The user-friendly photometer, testing reagents and photo-diagrammatic instructions are packaged in a convenient carrying case for on-site testing.