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Garden Guide Soil Test Kit (DG)

SKU: 5679-02

Know Your Garden!

  • Detect Plant Health Problems Early – Productivity begins to deteriorate long before symptoms appear
  • Monitor Changing Soil Conditions and Maximize Productivity – Plants require nutrients throughout all stages of growth for resistance to disease, drought, and inclement weather
  • Save Money – Make informed fertilizer additions. Avoid unnecessary applications that may be toxic to plants
  • Enjoy Gardening More – Be confident in your understanding of soil quality and how it affects your plants

Our most popular soil test kit with the home gardener, the Garden Guide Soil Test Kit offers accurate analysis for pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium using simplified test methods. Graduated test tubes and scoops are used for measurement of the soil sample and reagents.

Results are compared to a laminated colour chart. Includes diagrammed instructions and Garden Guide Manual, and The LaMotte Soil Handbook that provides in-depth background information and a pH preference guide for over 600 plants, trees, and shrubs.

New foam-lined carrying case holds components securely.

* please note this kit requires distilled/demineralised water which you can find here.