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QUANTOFIX Peracetic acid 50 Test Strips, 100/bottle

SKU: 91340

Peracetic acid is a widely used, very strong disinfectant which is applied both for piping and tanks in the food industry and for bleaching in the pulp and paper industry. Disinfectant baths in the medical sector must be checked regularly, as the peracetic acid can decompose in the presence of traces of blood. 

Parameter Peracetic acid
Gradation Peracetic acid - 0 • 5 • 10 • 20 • 30 • 50  mg/L Peracetic acid
Colour change Peracetic acid - white → blue
Evaluable on reflectometer QUANTOFIX Relax (5–50 mg/L)
Method Peracetic acid - Redox reaction
Additional reagent No
Storage temperature 4−30 °C
Scope of delivery 100 test strips in a tube, instruction leaflet