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QUANTOFIX Phosphate 10 (50 strips/vial)

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High levels of phosphate in surface water are an indication of domestic sewage, fertilizer or industrial wastewater. Very high levels lead to eutrophication (over-fertilization) of rivers and lakes and can ultimately lead to the death of fish and plants. The elimination of phosphorus from wastewater is an important target of cleaning in sewage treatment plants.

Parameter Phosphate (ortho)
Gradation Phosphate - 0 • 0.5 • 2.0 • 5.0 • 10.0 mg/L PO₄³⁻
Colour change Phosphate - yellow-green → green-blue
Evaluable on reflectometer No
Method Phosphate - Phosphomolybdenum blue
Additional reagent No
Storage temperature 4−30 °C
Scope of delivery 50 test strips in a tube, instructions for use